Terms and Conditions: General Use of Site

Please read the following terms and conditions Auto fully as they govern the provision of advertising products by Good Auto Deals s to you. Good Auto Deals possessed the write to make changes in these terms and conditions regularly to cope with changing trends of society. It is recommended that you stay vigilant and review terms and conditions regularly.


  • The privacy and security of your data is our supreme priority. The data is protected under our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Good Auto Deals holds the right to terminate your operations on the website if the data is proved to be dubious or inaccurate.
  • The company do not support any illegal or unethical patterns and reserve the right to terminate your account and hold any amount you have paid towards your ads fee.
  • Company has excellent concerns regarding intellectual property theft. We do our checks before placing your ad. If we find anything which is against the security of our visitors, we reserve the right to send you a warning email and suspend your account.

Links and Third-Party Material

  • Site contains material for advertising provided by sponsoring organisations, advertisers, or any other third-party service or product providers. All of these entities should show compliance with the relevant laws and codes of the company so that ambiguous material can be eliminated. However, the company have a compact platform to verify all essential details, but it is not the responsibility of the company if any material source is not authentic.
  • Company is not bound to keep all the materials up to date because it can be changed any time. The algorithm of the company automatically gives priority to the posts in which people show more interest.
  • Clients often leave some links on the platform, and the company has nothing to do with the credibility and authenticity of those links. It is the responsibility of the user whether to click on the provided link or not.

Intellectual Property Theft

  • The content on the website is not allowed to be reused for personal use. It is of paramount significance to obey the copyright and proprietary principles.
  • No part of the website can be transmitted, stored, reproduced, distributed, copied or modified for another site is highly discouraged.
  • No policy allows you to use the trademark of the Goodautodeals.

Reliance on Information Posted

  • Site is advertising the vehicles that are posted by trade dealers or third party. However, the company is making significant arrangements to check the authenticity of the dealers. Company is not responsible for any omission, error or inaccuracy in the compliance with description, quality or ownership of the listed vehicles.
  • Company is emphasising on the quality check while taking all the security measures so that clients do not face disturbing circumstances
  • It is recommended to confirm all information regarding seller so that ambiguities during the sales process can be mitigated.
  • Company is not liable to any loss occurred to dealers or customers because sales contract will take place between them. Good Auto Deals have nothing to do with dealing or purchasing.
  • There is no fixed rule for pricing of the vehicles; you can clearly negotiate with the dealer as per you convince. If you feel comfortable with the price then you are good to go with the deal. However, the role of Good Auto Deals does not exist during the entire process of dealing except advertising that vehicle.
  • Payment of the vehicle is the subject of you and dealer; it cannot be paid through Good Auto Deals website. Good Auto Deals have NO involvement during the payment procedure. You MUST pay to the dealer as per your convenience.

Advertising your car

Good Auto Deals provide a platform to boost your sale and has no concern with the price and data entry.

We hold NO responsibility if any of the users use false information about the vehicle advertised.

We are responsible to help our users to advertise their vehicle in any issue related to posting the ad on Goodautodeals.

All users are responsible to pay the ad fee related to their car ad only. Prices are displayed on Goodautodeals.com\prices for the individuals who are selling their car.

Good Auto Deals will not be a part of any deal between seller and buyer at any point and will not take any responsibility of loss or damages.

Use of any partner service like finance and insurance is not related to Good Auto Deals and All the data entered on Finance calculator or insurance purposes will be treated by our partner and we hold no responsibility of any estimate.

Our partner services will be providing all the values which do not linked to Goodautodeals

Sellers will be responsible for selecting the option from basic standard premium or until sold and will pay as per their selection. Good Auto Deals hold no responsibility if they pay for wrong order. But we always try to help our users and provide services to make the things easy for all our users. If our user report within 48 hours of the ads placement we help them to get the right package and refund any difference.

We tend to post the ad on our website within 24 hours but it may take longer if our team find any details missing or unrealistic. Any user can advertise to sell vehicle on Goodautodeals.com but we have limited the numbers for individuals to sell and have right to ask for any form of identification to continue selling on Goodautodeals.com to discourage and prevent fraud.

We keep right to ask for any form of identification from dealers to keep our records accurate.


If the consumer post a successful ad then he will not get any refund for cancelling or marking his/her car sold after ad posted on the website.

We'll not refund for the ads placed for any stolen vehicle and keep right to report the police when found it stolen.

We'll not refund for any ad which is rejected due to false information which leads to misleading our users and will not compromise the security of our user and report to police as soon it found it misleading or fraud.

We do not enter any contract with our dealers and consumers. It's a pay as you go service for all our users/dealers. We do not bound our dealers to pay for any contract with Goodautodeals. They have right to cancel their subscription at anytime and stop using our advertising services. They will not get any refund upon cancellation of services if they do not request to stop their services. All services will be stopped from the date email received and will be refunded if there is any payment collected after the date email received.

Our Liability

However, the company is doing its best to verify all information and data posted on the website so that customers do not face any trouble. It is crucial to acknowledge that information provided on the website have no warranties, conditions or guarantees as to its content, completeness or accuracy. To make things clear, our company is excluding following legally binding so that you can keep these in mind before making any deal or financial engagement.

  • All warranties, conditions or other terms that might be allowed by common law, statute or the law of equity
  • Any liability that is linked to the website indirectly, directly or consequential loss such as:
    • Loss of goodwill
    • Loss of data
    • Loss of anticipated savings
    • Loss of contracts or profits
    • Loss of business
    • Loss of revenue or income
    • Office time or wasted management
    • Loss of finance due to tort or breaching of contract
    • Company is not liable for any consumer deals.

Regular Updates on Site

  • Data presented on the website is updated regularly so that all people can see updated vehicles on the website.
  • Algorithm of the website prioritise the posts which have more views or manage to attain the interest of the customers
  • We keep the information of vehicle for 15 days after the cancellation then it will be removed from our server.
  • Dealers can upgrade the plan any time, but for downgrading, they have to notify us one week before and our team will help you in finding the best package of your need.