Frequently Ask Questions

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We will send you a confirmation email. It takes up to 24 hours to confirm your account.
Please click Forgot your password and provide the information required to get the reset link via email.
If you want to change the email address, you need to sign up again. If you are a dealer please contact the technical team at and we’ll assist you with your required changes.
Normally It takes 30 minutes to get your ad live in working hours but, it may take up to 24 hours depending on work load to get your ad live.
All the approved ads are on our database where you can search them using filters. If you still can't find it we recommend you use your ad code in the search bar at the bottom of the homepage.
If you still can’t find the ad please email us on
Buyers will be able to contact you using your email and phone number which you’ll have to provide when uploading your ad.
You can sell up to 5 cars on Good If you are not a trader and we have the right to ask about your identity at any time for our user’s safety.
Please log in to your account and go to inventory where you can edit, delete or disable your ad.
Featured ads are normally appear in used cars and new cars and with or without using any search options. We aim to display the featured ads on the very first page of search but these ads appear randomly depending on number of ads featured.
Premium ads are presented on the landing page and we aim to make impressions up to 100% but due to number of premium ads it may be less than we advertised.
Slots are the number of ads a dealer can advertise and check on dashboard. These slots can be increased at any time but these cannot be reduced without approval. E.g you have 10 slots and you can make them 20 at any time but if you want to make them 5 then it will be submitted for approval and will be available from Monday
All your advertising activity is marked in your dashboard and we are offering a free period for you to get familiar with our system. You can find the total number of slots and number of used slots and last request in change of slots. You can easily adjust them according to size of your show room you will be charged for the maximum slots use in a week.
you can increase the slots at any time but if you want to reduce them we recommend you to plan for the week ahead because any request to reduce the number of slots will take effect from next Monday
We recommend that you use your slot options sensibly. It may affect your credibility. We have created this option for your flexibility. You can request or change the slot at any time. You must inform us on or Before Tuesday to apply any changes in the current week. Any abuse to our system will not be tolerated and may result of account suspension.
If you add 500 slots instead of 50 slots. Please adjust the slots back to 50. We’ll receive the request and take action if you haven’t used the slots anytime during the week. You can also email us to check and adjust your slots and you will not be charged for any human error.
If you added slots by mistake and did not use them any time of the week then you can request us to adjust the invoice.
All the invoices issued on every Monday and you can find it in your email and also login to your dealer portal and find in the invoices section.