Designing the Banner Requirements

    The ideal size of banner is 400X400

    We are offering our partners to advertise themselves on our plate form by creating a designed image to show the best of their services. This can be a pre designed image meeting our design standards. If you can design your own then please submit it at for a review where our team can place you on the front after approval.

    If you are offered for a free advertisement for any period of the year please send us the design you want to place for approval at

    If you like us to design your page, then you can send all the content you want us to show in our banner then our designer team can help you design the banner design. You can ask for quote at

Terms and conditions

  • All the advertisers must be registered with us.
  • All advertisers must have their website to get traffic.
  • You must be well reputed and have more 5 star rating on trust pilot.
  • We may verify your details before we accept any offer.
  • Our statistics are available on goodautodeals/statistics. You can place any offer to advertise at as per your convenience. We keep right to accept/reject the offer.
  • Any banner can be placed for a maximum of 3 days. We charge per day so whenever you place your order keep in mind that it'll be placed only once a month to give access to other partners.
  • We place a maximum of 2 banners at a time. It may reduce the impressions depends on system roll out.
  • We don't promise for any number of visitors to your website.
  • Banner can lead to your dealer dashboard if you are a dealer (price can vary if you want a direct link to your dealer website) or it can be diverted to your website if you are a new model.
  • We appreciate if you agree to let us create a webpage or a design page on our domain for a regular search.
  • You agree to give us right to publish any promotional, informative, images, website and contact details on our domain.
  • You agree to give us the right to use the content of your website to promote only your products.
  • We agree to advertise the banner for intervals of 24 hrs but we reserve the right to remove or replace the banner at any time.
  • You'll be the face of GoodAutoDeals. We made our standards a bit tougher. We may refuse to advertise your ad if you do not meet our criteria.